Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My little pumpkins

Halloween was a month full  fun for us- we did trips to the pumpkin patches, pumpkin decorating and trick or treating at the aquarium!!  We have no pics from trick or treating on Halloween as our camera accidentally was left at Grandma and PaPa's (Jenny is in charge of those pics)... but luckily we had already dressed up several times!

Avery @ school

Field Trips,Parties and new friends- to say she LOVES kindergarten would be an understatement :-)

Avery & Anna the Dancing Queens

And Kelsey...these are for you :-)


Don't ask....

I have had more problems with Blogger and my laptop than I care to confess SO I won't..I'll just post instead.  I know that no one really cares what I write anyway so I divided this up only for ease in uploading pics...and with that I'll get straight to pictures, enjoy (ginny this is for you :-)

 Random Fun things