Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The holidays are here

Christmas is ONE week from today. YEAH! I am SO looking forward to having my parents and little brother here for a few days and I also am looking forward to Brett just beinging at home to hang out for a few days. I can't believe that this will be the last christmas that it will just be the 3 of us....in only 10 short weeks this next baby girl is due! Life is good...and life is crazy :-)! Anyway...just wanted to post a couple of fun pics from the last few days. Avery is getting into the sprit of the holidays and is enjoying all the fun!

My aunt sent a BOX full of dress up clothes that her company makes to Avery. Oh my goodness, we have done some dressing up this week :-)

Hayley got her Christmas present on Sunday. Brett was sure that she needed a better and more reliable way to get water so Merry Christmas, Hayley!
SO...we have a new favorite activity at our house. Avery gets all of our "Christmas" stuffed animals- which include a moose, a snowman and a bear that my grandma made. SO Avery has picnics, birthday parties and lunchtime with Moose, Frosty and Bear. She sets them either on the floor or at the dinner table and drags out ALL of her lunchboxes, cups, plates and even the medicine dropper to care for her little friends.

On Sunday, PaPa braved the kitchen to make some homemade blackberry jelly with blackberries from Grandpa Krieg. Avery got to sample during the cooking stage and then she proceeded to ask me if she could have some at every snack time and meal time since! SO...this morning we made some biscuits (frozen of course) and added YUMMY blackberry jelly. THANKS PAPA!

Avery had a little program at her school this afternoon. They did a few songs that they sing during "Circle Time" and a couple of songs from music class. Of course, all the kids were way too distracted by mom & dad being there to sing much but as always they sure looked cute. I tried to take a video BUT even when I rotated the camera, the video won't rotate...so if anyone knows how to fix this, let me know but otherwise you'll just have to turn your head to see!


Leslie said...

Ahhhhhh so stinkin sweet. Love it! Your pictures and stories make me not dread them getting bigger. Love that Avery has lunch with her "friends".
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!