Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick Day

Well you most of you have probably seen my Facebook status regarding Avery's grocery store performance on Monday- but if you haven't- suffice it to say that when your child says they have a tummy ache and they are going to throw up- believe them before its too late. By the time we made it home from the store Avery had a fever and she was just puny so I tucked her under a blanket on the couch- and she stayed there for the remainder of the evening. She stayed home from school yesterday and we were both sad about it so we made the best of it with lots of projects and it ended being a great day!

Avery beginning work on her sparkle princess castle

Pretty Pretty Princess with her pretty pretty castle
We painted...

and painted, and painted..
And finally the sun came out, everyone felt better and we played outside!

These pics are from last week- there is something about babies in PJ's that i just here are some pj shots of the my not so little baby.

Avery and Anna doing the ballet movie from Aunt Mandy (a daily activity) in their tutu pj's
Anna trying hard to stay awake
Anna Cate in her ducky robe getting ready for her bath
Finding some toysAnna wearing her first nightgown- which was also Avery's 1st!


Mandy said...

Hope she's feeling much better today! Not fun, but you make being sick look great! : )

Brooke said...

Such sweet pics of the girls in their tutu jams! Love it! I am so sorry Avery finally got the dreaded stomach bug!! Yuck. Hope all is much better now and that everyone else escaped it.

Meredith said...

Oh, that's awful!!! I missed that Facebook update!!! Good tip to remember. Does not sound fun!

Hope all is well at the Krieg household now!!!

--Kelsey Bakalar-- said...

Hope you are all well now! Where in the world did you find tutu jammies...I absolutely must get Lola some! :)

Leslie said...

You are such a good mommy! One thing I am not good at - is being a good sick kids mommy! Hope Avery is all better now!! SO SORRY!!