Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's official, we have a KINDERGARTENER!!

Well we survived this day- Avery's FIRST day of kindergarten.  I was a mess- I mean a MESS- but Avery didn't shed a tear and asked me to leave more than once.  She was SO excited and she had SUCH a great day.  I'm SO proud of her and so excited for all she we will learn this year.  I missed her like crazy today and I'm dreading tomorrow but I know everyday will get easier....

Avery & Maddox at the Kindergarten Blessing service at church
MY big kindergartener!
when did she get so big?
She was SUCH a happy girl this AM...I hope she always loves school, I did!
She just make me smile
She's back at Wolf Creek!
Ready to go in her room- she really didn't want me to walk in with her but I did.
Sweet Sisters- anna sure is going to miss her big sister
And the waterworks begin...and stayed for quite some time:-(


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, sweet Ashley! I know I will be just the same as you. We will be thinking about you and all the cray emotions it stirs. You have provided her with the wings in her early childood to allow her to soar in school Bravo Mama!

Mandy said...

Yay!!! I am so glad she did so well. I knew she would! You are right. Every day will get easier. I can't wait to see what all she learns this year!!

Kelsey Bakalar said...

Oh Ash, what precious pics! I'm so excited that she loved her first day!

Leslie said...

You both did it!! I think you deserve a huge pat on the back. Avery is confident, sweet and excited about trying something new and that's a huge pat on the back to you and Brett. Hope you are doing ok this week and enjoying your time with Anna!! Miss you!!

Leslie said...

Not sure why I said pat on the back so much!?!? You deserve a night OUT FOR SURE!!

Jen said...

You did it!! So glad she loves school! You are such a sweet mommy. :)

Jill White said...

Hey, I really like your hair length in that last pic. Looks really good on you! (Random comment by: Jill)

PS: Haha, made you look at my puke pic!