Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The right thing

We just returned home from a truly great visit in Dallas. We saw so many dear friends and were reminded how blessed we are with the relationships we have. In fact, we enjoyed our time so much that for the first time since our move to Oklahoma, I was nervous about coming home. I have little planned for Avery and I over the next month and Avery starts "school" on Tuesdays AND Thursdays next week. All I can think is, What in the world am I going to do? I have 2 precious friends here and I am ridiculously thankful for them but its just different than the constant ability to be social in our "other life." Then tonight- I'm standing in the kitchen cooking dinner and Avery and the crazy dog, Hayley, are upstairs playing "kitchen." I hear the garage open...I hear the dog tearing down the stairs and the back door opens. Within seconds, from the stairs I hear, "DADDY" and you can hear the happiness in my baby girls voice. Friends, God brought us here for a reason- of this I am sure- and as Brett reads (late!) bedtime stories to Avery and I sit down here eavesdropping on the monitor, I know at least one of those reasons.