Monday, September 3, 2007

A team to cheer for

At the start of each football season, Brett gets ready. He finds his green & gold, he scopes out the schedule- TV games- and mostly he gets his hopes up for a winning BU team. Now let me say- Brett married the right girl (for mulitple reasons of course!)but I can watch some football and the first couple of years in our marriage I excitedly participated in the getting ready for Baylor ritual but after those seasons ended in bitter disappointment- I learned to set expectations low & that made watching Baylor football much more interesting. We spent the "kickoff" of college football- the Satuday of Labor Day weekend- in Arkansas at my parents house. So Brett got ready- he put on his gold shirt, he did a Sic'Em Bears and then he was plugged in and ready to listen...(ONLINE because my parents didn't get the game) & a new season had started. By halftime he didn't want to hear anymore- NOT because he had given up but because he was recording the game at home and wanted to watch the 2nd half without knowing the outcome. Now there's a true fan.  Avery & I were done for other reasons. Although- like I said, my expectations are low- I think at 27-0 season opener at TCU shows promise for the Bears, we have done worse! But, this year as college football kicks off you can expect cheers from the female Kriegs for lots of teams....and Avery is ready for it all. 


Scott said...

I am so depressed. Depriving poor Avery of her SOONER roots. She is in every cheerleader uniform except her Chamionship uniform of the Crimson and Cream.