Sunday, September 9, 2007


We had a lazy one and I loved it. We did however take Avery to her first football game on Friday night- Brett is happy to report that the Union Redskins beat Jenks in the "Backyard Bowl" in overtime. We watched the 2nd half on tv at home but Avery did WAY better than expected! Saturday was rainy ALL day and we barely left the house. We watched lots of football, read and hung out together. Spending time at home with little to do always leads to good stories, fun memories and a few laughs. Here are a few of my weekend highlights.

The Lion
Avery picked up a Fortune magazine when she got bored with the football games and was looking at all of the exciting pictures (its Fortune, as you can imagine there are many!) There was an Accenture ad towards the front and she pointed to its subject and said "red"... Brett looked over and indeed the #1 golfer was displayed in his Sunday attire. Brett asked Avery if she knew who that was in the picture. She thought about it for a good minute before answering... "Lion." Tiger, Lion...whatever, she was on the right track and he has a new nickname at our house.

Daddy snacksBrett has the funniest habit of needing to "make" his snacks. Its funny because he is NOT a high maintenance eater- he loves cereal, sandwhiches and leftovers yet when it comes to his snacks he needs to express his creativity. So on Saturday- with his afternoon cup of coffee- he made s'mores on Averys super tiny bug shaped graham crackers with a mini Hersey's bar and a single marshmellow. He of course had to share with his little one...and we had the mess to prove it.

The Baker
I joined MOPS in Dallas and I was a very bad member...ask Michelle. But I did mange to go one single lonely time that year and I quite enjoyed it. The speaker talked about how important it was to get your kids in the kitchen with you to teach them to cook and just as a way to spend some good time together. Avery was about 18 months at the time and truthfully it frightened me because i didn't know what to expect with her AND I didn't cook much (keep in mind my husband traveled 5 days a week back then!). however, since then I have taken the message to heart. Its not always that fun for me...and it DEFINITELY makes things a bit slower but oh my gosh, Avery loves it. She wants to help me with EVERYTHING. Here she is making Sunday morning muffins before church.

An appetite for learning
I bought Avery a Sesame Street book geared towards teaching preschool age children "important concepts" a while back. It became a special treat for her to look through it and she was only allowed when I was watching so I didn't have to worry about her coloring on every page. I have mellowed since its purchase and this weekend I let her look it on her own; you would've thought I had given her a fancy box of new toys- she read it forever. She asked questions and appeared to be reading it all on her own, she is very advanced :-).
You are my sunshineOn Sunday evening the rain clouds parted and the sun made its way out. We enjoyed a great evening outside playing with toys we hadn't seen in quite sometime. What a great way to end a great weekend!


Northcutt Family said...

I just really can't believe how big she's gotten! She's a little girl - no more baby! She's getting cuter and cuter!