Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Motivation to break bad habits

So the greatest thing about joining the blogging world is that I have a renewed dedication to taking pics of Avery. We have had 2 broken cameras until recently and I just got out of the habit. Not to mention the fact that I am a horrible ridiculously embarrasing photographer but a picture is a picture so I get some credit. Avery didn't have a very good day at school today..her comment sheet said she was "pretty sad :-(" BUT that is understandable considering she partied in her crib until after 10:30 last night and is therefore exhausted. She is down for a nap now...and I would bet I have to wake her up at 5 to keep this nap from lasting too long. She has a new habit of sleeping for 3-4 hours and then NOT wanting to go to bed at night. Last night Brett went up to ask her to PLEASE go to sleep THREE times...and the last time Avery informed him that she needed to get up. Crazy kid, guess I should be happy that she's still in a crib but that can't last much longer. Anyway, Gigi..here are pics of Avery in her dress from YOU..THANKS!