Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bike Day

Oh the things a mom has to stress about- there's some big stuff! How to teach my children about Christ in a way that they will understand and accept? How to keep them healthy-physically and mentally? How to teach them right from wrong? How to make sure that they know EACH moment that they are loved? AND...how to make sure that they have a bike for bike day at Mother's Day Out? WRONG.. Give me a break, mom!

I had that wake up call this morning about myself. I have been stressing about bike day since open house at school- Avery doesn't have a bike or any riding toy for that matter. I have tried to get her to be interested in a tricycle but she is not, yet. I almost bought her a little riding toy for this very day more than once over the last 3 weeks but my more sensible husband kept reminding me that she would be too old for it very soon! So last weekend we borrowed one from Grandma and I bought her the required helmet for bike day. I have wanted her to practice all week..just to make sure that when it came time for her to ride, she'd at least know what to do. We ran out of time- that practice didn't happen. BUT this morning before school we tried the new helmet on and sat on it for a picture. She, of course knew exactly what to do and was interested for all of 2 minutes...good call on not buying a new one Brett Krieg. And for you all to appreciate the greatness of my faults- bike day has been rained out. A good reminder for me to focus on things that matter.


Leslie said...

Yea for rain. Yes please don't worry about things like that...I can worry enough for both of us.
I have been bugging B for a BOB...he wants to get it from Blagg so its taking a bit. Maybe he can get you a super cool bike for Avery. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi there long-lost friend! So glad to see you have a blog - I do too (ashleyjansen.typepad.com). Excited to be able to keep in touch. Your daughter is just precious and congrats on #2.

Northcutt Family said...

Sounds like something that would stress me out - and then be relieved by the rain! At least you got some really cute pics out of it!

Kelli said...

Such wise words! We could ALL use that reminder. :) Thanks for sharing...Avery looked precious anyway despite the rain.