Monday, September 24, 2007

I've been are 10 things

My dear friend Leslie tagged me!! I SO enjoy Leslie's blog- I go at least once daily to see if their are any new things to read about her precious twin boys. Go to: and read all about them. Leslie is a very dear friend of mine from college- our husbands were fraternity brothers and we definitely knew each other but didn't become really close until....shortly before I moved :-(

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Septmber of 1997: Starting my freshmen year at Baylor University. I packed up and moved from Kansas City to Waco, TX to start college, leaving behind everyone that I knew and that knew me! I was rather miserable most of my first semester and I BEGGED my parents to let me make the 9-hour drive home almost every weekend. But I FINALLY adjusted and am thankful that my parents made me stick it out. I ended up having a rather spectacular college "career" and think of those days..often!

2. What were you doing 5 years ago?
September 2002- I had been married for about 8 months so I was definitely still a newlywed! I was working at Southwest Airlines and having a crazy experience there. We lived in an apartment in Addison and were truly enjoying our married life with no kids while we could :-)!

3. What were you going 1 year ago?
September 2006- I had a precious 15 month old who kept me busy. I can't remember for sure but I would say it is safe to guess that Brett was traveling Monday through Friday so I spent a lot of time with friends through the week and a lot of time with Brett on the weekends. Avery was exploring since she had just learned to walk so the days were definitley busy!

4. What did you do yesterday?
Yesterday was my favorite kind of day...we did a lot of NOTHING! We got up and enjoyed a pretty lazy morning- reading the paper and eating muffins and then we went to the late service at church. After lunch we came home and Avery napped and then so did I! We watched a little football, read a little and made a Wal Mart run late in the afternoon. Nothing too eventful but I sure feel good today!

5. Snacks I enjoy:
Hmm..Chips and Queso is my favorite! i like popcorn, m&m's, apples and the occassional brownie!

6. Things I would do with $100 million dollars:
WOW....where to start? Vacation, housekeeper!, personal chef, probably a new house although I am pretty content where I am, a decorator to help me put everything together, and some serious SHOPPING- especially for the kiddos!

7. Locations I would run to:
I hate running. Can I say it again..I HATE IT. I would run to Sonic for a Diet Coke if it was the only way for me to get it. I would run to get Avery from school, I LOVE to see her face when I come to get her plus its REALLy close :-)!

8. Bad habit I have:
I'm afraid I have a lot! I tend to wish for the next "phase" in my life and then miss out on the moment I am in. I have some serious social anxiety. i pick at my nails. I stress. Need I go on?

9. Things I like to do:
Hang out with family...all of them! (I have the world's greatest parents and the world's greatest inlaws, seriously it doesn't get any better!), Watch Avery play "babies"- she is TOO cute, Have date nights with Brett, Read, Play with friends, read blogs, oh yeah and eat mexican food

10. Biggest joy of the moment:
I have 2.... 1. Listening to Avery sing the songs she learns at school. It makes me smile and makes my heart HAPPY. She has learned a sweet prayer that she sings before she eats and a hilarious song about "shaking her bushy tail"..... 2. Going to the Dr. and seeing the sonogram of this new life! Hearing the heartbeat and the words that "everything looks great"....God is good!

Thanks for reading. Sorry I I was long winded! I think that most of the people who have blogs and read mine have already been tagged BUT if you are out there then Courtney C. & Tamara K. YOU ARE IT.


Leslie said...

Great answers...especially #10. How sweet. Miss you friend but love reading all about your Tulsa life. How lucky are you to have lazy Sundays! :)