Saturday, October 13, 2007

A BIG week!

We had a BIG, FUN and CRAZY week at our house this week. My mom was in town AND Brett had his first BUSY week in a long time!!! I apologize for my poor camera has been dropped in the pool and on the pavement one too many times and its just not taking its hits so well. Shoot... ANYWAY...our week at a glance:

On Saturday night we went to Tom and Sandie White's house for dinner...Sandie is one of Becky's best friends and she is also my friend Jill's mother in law! SO..that makes Sandie Ella's "Didi" which is what Avery has decided to call her as well. ANYWAY, Didi has her very own bounce house and the girls had a fun time bouncing! Then we enjoyed the fanciest hot dog dinner I've ever had!

Then on Sunday night Miss Avery Rebecca made the big move to her BIG GIRL BED! She has done SUCH a great job with the transition. That being said, it is a transition and we are working on the details still...for instance it takes Avery FOREVER to fall asleep BUT she doesn't get out of bed, which is HUGE!!! I am REALLY proud of her for adjusting so quickly and for being such a big girl about this. She still has her moments of uncertainty about the whole thing...but here she is!

On Monday my mom, aka Gigi, came for a visit. We were busy and Avery REALLY enjoyed having her here. On Tuesday we went to my 20 week Level 1 Sonogram. We made it a family affair...Brett, Brett's mom, me and my mom all went to see pics of our little one. As I mentioned last week, everything looks good and IT's A GIRL! Here are some sono pics..I know they are hard to see we had a hard time discerning and we were there! But her hands are always up by her face, which we think means she sucks on her fingers.....anyway here she is:

Finally on Thursday Avery went to school again and she got to model her new clothes from one of the many shopping outings from a week with Gigi. Of course, trying to get a picture of her proved to be next to impossible but I did my best. While she was at school, my mom and I went to my regular 20-week appointment with the Doctor. She was wonderful, as always. She confirmed that our baby girl is doing great. There is some slight concern that I have something called Placenta Previa but Dr. Summers didn't seem concerned and thought it would take care of itself in the next few weeks. BUT prayers for that are of course appreciated! Avery is getting more excited about being a big sister and Brett and I are getting more nervous about having 2 little girls! We are so thankful that things are looking good and we can't wait until February when we get to meet our new little girl. I have started working on her room...its going to be way more girly than Avery's was and I think it is going to be cute!

That's it for our its the weekend which means time to RELAX! Hope yours is a good one :-)!


The Christiansons said...

Yea for a big girl bed! how exciting!!! we're thinking of you and your pregnancy too! :)