Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun times in Tulsa (other than potty training!!)

We had a good weekend in T-town. We had talked about going to Dallas this weekend and just didn't so we could concentrate on potty training and spend some time at home. WELL...neither of those things really happened. Avery is just continuously getting more terrified of the potty. She just cries hysterically when we she sits on it so we've decided to back off just for a little while and then try again. She is ready physically and intellectually; she definitely GETS IT but she is just scared to do it. SO, emotionally she needs to just hang in there a little bit longer so that's what we are doing. I was SO frustrated this weekend but after a little research and a lot of encouragement, we've decided to back off just for a couple of weeks and then try again. Maybe THEN she will be ready...she WILL be potty trained before this baby gets here...OR ELSE!

This weekend also turned out to be really busy or at least busy for us! We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma Becky and PaPa on Friday night. Poor Avery was so distracted but the possibility of an accident that she didn't play as hard as we wanted her to but she still had lots of fun!

Avery had a birthday party for our neighbor on Saturday afternoon. Again, the pull up was just too much distraction for her to actually enjoy bouncing....but man she was READY for some cake. She ASKED for it...HOW RUDE! Luckily she's cute so the hostess got a kick out of it.
On Saturday night we braved Oktoberfest with Avery and then Ashley and Meg. It wasn't a normal year at Oktoberfest for more rides than beer but hey- that's probably a good thing! Avery LOVED the dance floor...she just ran and danced ALL ALONE up there for most of the time we were in the tent. It was funny- not very many good pics of that, it was too dark but I tried! We are now excited about her Christmas program at church though because she seems to be quite the performer. She had her first rehearsal on Sunday morning and she's already practicing her songs. She cracks me up...most of the time.


Leslie said...

Love all the pics. Looks like you are all having a wonderful fall in Tulsa. I am a bit jealous! Hope to see all of you very soon.
So sorry to hear about the potty training. Are there any good books? I have a friend of a friend that got her boy twins trained at 14 months. Sounds like a miracle...I can call and ask how in the world she did it.

The Christiansons said...

I love your new PINK background!! :) Nate heard yall might be going to homecoming...i hope so! :) looks like yall had a fun weekend!!!