Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Webb of activity...

My mom came in town on Tuesday afternoon and spent the week with us. As always, it was good to have her here, especially since Brett was CRAZY busy at work! We played and worked and of course shopped- but just a little bit this time! The girls LOVED spending time with their Gigi and I loved having a buddy..and some help :-) Then on Friday Brett took off work to study a little and to get ready for the wedding weekend! On Friday morning my mom, Avery and I went to get our toes done. Avery is a BIG girl now, after all- so she got to join us. She did great until the very end, I was rather impressed and surprised! After our pedis Brett & I took Avery to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate her potty successes, we are slightly proud of her! One of Brett's best friends, Ashley Webb, got married this weekend! That meant that our dear friends Matt and Tamara Kincaid were in town with their little girl Courtney AND the Dunhams were here as well. We had a fun night at McNellie's on Friday night- it had been a while since I was "out" and it felt good to get dressed up a little bit! The boys love being together and I adore their wives so it made for a fun night out.

Brett, Elliot, Ashley, Matt and Wes
Tamara, Brooke, Meg (the bride!), and me

Brett & I enjoying a night out

Brooke and Wesley

On Saturday the whole clan came over for pizza and to hang out. We had lots of fun watching the kids together and catching up on every one's lives. It was crazy to see ALL of the kids...except sweet Noah and soon to be Gabe- Eric and Kel, we sure missed you guys!

Sweet cousins- Madeline and Macie Drue

Best Buddies- Avery and MaddoxTurtle girls- Macie Drue and Avery

All of the kiddos- Anna, Avery, Courtney, Maddox and Macie Drue, Wyatt and MadelineThe big group. Top: Matt, Wes and Wyatt, Dave and Maddox, Brett and Avery
Bottom: Tam and Courtney, Brooke and Madeline, Jenny and Macie Drue, me and Anna
The wedding was gorgeous and SO much fun. I emptied the memory card for my camera before I left so that I could take a BUNCH of pics at the wedding and then I didn't take ANY! Brett took a couple but that's all we have from the evening. It was a gorgeous wedding and a FUN celebration!

Brett and Wes enjoying their sausages

The "grown ups" or as Wes says, the South Tulsa Mafia: Larry and Becky, Sally and Mike, Marilyn, Linda and MikeThe KincaidsThe Dunhams


Northcutt Family said...

Looks like a fun weekend in Tulsa! I love that Avery went with you for a pedi! I just have to have a girl!!

Also, congratulations on the potty training! Go Avery! (and Ashley and Brett!!!) I'll be calling for advice in a couple of years...

Dunhams said...

It was so great seeing you guys this weekend! You'll have to email me some of those pics since I wasn't around much :) We are wiped out from all the fun!!

Kelli said...

Soooooo sad to miss all the fun!! We hated not being there. Thanks for sharing the details so I can at least live vicariously through you. :)
One of my best friends from college is getting married this coming weekend, and we have to miss that as well. I know we have a good reason, but it still stinks.
Glad everything went well! Talk to you soon!!

Brooke said...

I can't believe you already had this post up on Sunday! We had so much fun with you this weekend. I just wish it had been longer and a little less crazy. We miss you and can't wait to see you soon. Hill Fam, we totally missed you guys this weekend.