Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring fever- literally

It has been a rough week at our house! To get things started, Anna was up ALL night on Sunday. I was SO frustrated because I thought we were past that after a few good nights last week and I was just completely exhausted. After finally breaking down and asking Brett for help he was able to get her to sleep for all of an hour before he head to leave for work so we were both just exhausted!!! On Monday when I woke up Anna was a mess- her poor little eyes were just yucky- so we went to see our super star pediatrician ( who discovered miss Anna had an ear infection- IN BOTH EARS! SO, it was a relief to get her on some medication and get her feeling better AND to know that there is still hope for sleep! I had been feeling bad as well but was assuming it was just exhaustion but by Tuesday I was getting worse so I went to the Dr to learn that I had strep throat! So far, Avery is healthy- we are praying it stays that way! And thanks to Grandma Becky for keeping Avery ALL day Tuesday AND bringing us dinner, you were truly a LIFESAVER!!!!
Needless to say with all the sickness going on around here we haven't done much picture taking but I did have a few from last week that I wanted to share. Avery has been BEGGING to make the cupcakes that Mandy sent ever since her gift arrived so we made them last Thursday and sent them to Dallas with Larry and Becky for the Kriegs to enjoy. While we were baking, Evelyn called to chat with Avery- it was HILARIOUS to listen to Avery's end of the conversation!

Avery after her bath

Anna getting ready for her bath


EAJan678 said...

Love the new decor of the looks AMAZING!! So sorry for all the illness and lack of sleep around the Krieg home. I hope that everyone is feeling healthy (and snoozin') soon!

Northcutt Family said...

Poor little Anna (and you!) Having no sleep just makes everything worse too. Reid was sick over the weekend, and now I think I'm coming down with something!

Brooke said...

I am so sad that you were all sick last week and I'm even more sad that we didn't get to meet you all for lunch on Friday. I hope everyone is feeling better and poor little Anna's ears are better.