Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keys, Kriegs a Kindrick...and a Walker

We had such a fun week! My cousin, Amy, and her little girls, Mia and Georgia, came to visit! My aunt Sandy (Amy's mom- my mom's sister) came and then we threw my mom in the mix and we had a GIRL party. You know, there have been days- at least when I was pregnant- when I was sad that this Krieg family would not include a little boy- but God knew that a poor little boy would be out numbered in this family! The girls played unbelievably well together and other than some night time sleeping issues- which it to be expected with this many people in my house- things couldn't have been easier and more fun. The Krieg girls are all worn out and we are about to put on our pj's for a Thursday night pj party but it was well worth it! Here are pics from our fun week-

Anna even joins in on the dress-up fun

Georgia taking her turn on the slide

Avery and Mia pause for a pic

Backyard swimmingAvery painting her sea horse at Purple GlazeAmy and Mia creating their pottery masterpieces

Avery & the alligator at the aquarium

Georgia and Mia ready to check out the FISH!
And the MOST fun of all- the fountains at the River Walk in Jenks. The girls had a blast and were HILARIOUS!!!


Kelli said...

SO much fun!! Your girls are beautiful! Miss you, friend.