Monday, July 7, 2008

Festivities for the 4th

This about sums about how we all feel- it was another crazy Krieg kind of weekend. Friday was actually relatively low key- we stopped by to visit the Dunham crew at Dave and Jenny's and then returned home to watch fireworks from the comfort of our backyard with Larry and Becky. THEN things got crazy! We left for Perry, OK early Saturday for a reunion with Becky's side of the family. It was REALLY fun and so good to see all of the extended family. The Rupps are SUCH a fun group and I feel blessed to be an "outlaw" in the family! Dylan, Tiff and the kids met us in Perry for the day and then returned to Tulsa so we all headed to Grandma's for some playtime and then we finally made it back to our house. It was a LONG but good day!

Aunt Cindy and AnnaEvie, Avery and their cupcakesPaPa Sonny, Mama Lou, their grand kids (minus Evan), and their great grand kids (minus Gage) Whelan playing with Anna

Sunday we did some pool time with the kids and then took a little break before heading out for family pictures Sunday evening. We wanted to do it early because we were afraid kids would be so tired but oh my gosh it was HOT. I felt like I was living in Texas again... HOWEVER, I have to say that once again the results are going to be great! She posted a "sneak peak" on her blog ( today and now I'm really excited to see what else she'll have to show us in a few weeks!

After pics, Evie helped me feed Anna at Grandma's house
Anna thought it was FUNNY!

The elder of my girls, looking lovely..and tired.


Kelli said...

The professional pics are BEAUTIFUL...your girls have the most amazing eyes. Absolutely gorgeous!

Sounds like a BUSY weekend for the Kriegs! Hope you're able to rest a little this week. :)

Northcutt Family said...

Yes, I agree, those professional pics are gorgeous! I hope we get to see more!

Dunhams said...

So great seeing you all this weekend!

The Kento Beans said...

I feel like outing myself today after having read your blog for many months now! (The professional pics of the girls are SO good!) I originally found it through Courtney Christianson's blog and recognized you from BU-- I was Zeta Rush Chair the year you were Kappa President and I think we had to go to some meetings with Tam with Presidents and Rush Chairs. ANYWAY, I also understand that you grew up with my new sister-in-law, the former Sara Hunter, who married my husband's brother! So hello! :-)

The Kento Beans said...

I just realized that I probably should have signed the above comment since,even if you clicked through to my blog, I don't think my name is there anywhere! Emily (Moore) Kenton