Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camp and Crazy Cousins!

Avery had Music Camp at church all of last week. I had heard from several moms that their kids loved it so I knew Avery would too. I think overall she did enjoy it but I have to confess that she is just in a tough phase right now. She is going through some separation anxiety and has become scared of her shadow- literally. The pediatrician assured me that this was very normal for a 3 year old who is rather independent and trying to figure out what that really means. So I'm just trying to reassure and love her through it and PRAYING that it works soon! Anyway, I digress- after camp they perform the music they have been working on at the church on Friday night. The preschoolers went first and it was WAY WAY too cute. I was super proud of Avery- she knew every word and every motion and she actually sang! OF COURSE, I forgot the video camera and we had some camera malfunctioning during the show but I did my best! Avery's sweet cousins were in town to spend the weekend with Grandma and Papa while their parents took a little anniversary trip SO they came to watch her too, she was THRILLED!

Evie helped me save seats before the show!

Avery is in there- I swear. She's standing next to the girl with the big aqua bow.

The rest of our weekend was spent on cousin time. Gage spent some sweet time with Anna- I am thrilled that he enjoys her so much :-) On Saturday while Becky hosted a shower, Evelyn came over to play...the girls wanted to have their nails painted, and I wanted them to have their hair fixed so I bribed them with hair glitter. It was girl fun! After PaPa and Gage finished their nature walk they came back to our house to play. The kids did a concert with their instruments and even Anna joined in on the fun. We spent Sunday evening at Grandma's house- and then Avery had to do something she HATES to do...say good-bye to Gage and Evie until next time :-(

Princess Hopscotching

Story break with dad/Uncle Brett Soaking their toes!Having a snack while their toes dryThe Sorority Girl hug

Playing brother, the anti-noise guy, never could've handled this one

Anna contributing her instrument to the show
bye-bye hugs


Kelli said...

Such FUN! Love the sorority girl hug...hysterical. :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Leslie said...

You are always doing such fun things. I am sorry about Avery's phase but she is such a great girl - it will most def pass. I know it must be hard on everyone.

Emily Kretz said...

That's so fun that the cousins are so close in age. I love the sorority girl hug comment!