Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to us..

This past weekend was party time at our house! My sweet husband planned a small get together for my b-day on Friday night and it was really fun. Mandy flew in and we met Jenny and the Browns for drinks and appetizers and then the girls came back over to hang out and Tiffany met us here- It was my kind of night! We had some wine, some girl talk and even a couple of games of Guitar Hero. Thanks to PaPa and Grandma Becky for babysitting so that we could celebrate, sans kiddos- and of course, as it goes there were no kids involved so we didn't take many pics and the ones we did get...all are surprisingly similar!

Then on Saturday morning after taking my sweet friend to the airport and running by Papa and Grandma's for a quick hello- I headed home, met my parents and started decorating and getting ready for Anna's b-day party. Brett and Grandma took Avery and her cousins to the kids museum which worked out GREAT for me!! Anna's party was a MUCH more low key than Avery's 1st fiesta- just a small family gathering and it was perfect- other than the fact that the b-day girl was running a temperature and obviously not feeling 100%. (Side note- Avery and Maddox have been referring to each other as "family" recently- which I think is super cute and appropriate so I felt good saying it was a family affair!) There were too many cute pics- I couldn't decide so sorry!
Anna's ONE and she has the cookies to prove it.
The table is set- just ready for our guests! Ahh...and of course, what's the party without the Birthday girl?!?!
Anna and Bob Anna and Gigi
Anna and her FAVORITE guest, Addie
Anna and her daddy..whom she ADORES! Avery--busily working on her Valentines picture frame

Macie Drue working on her frame
Anna and daddy after the candles are all blown out
The Kriegs
And Anna's favorite part of the day- the cake
She was NOT shy about digging inNeither were these precious boys...Gage and MaddoxOoh, this cake is GOOD stuff! Wow, turning one is fun!
Trying on another Tutu...look at that (not so) tiny hineyAnd off she goesAnna and Macie Drue- best budsAnna and Miss JennySweet Sisters...too busy for pics Opening presents- together And the birthday party is wearing this birthday girl OUT
Mandy Bain, thought you'd appreciate this. The table is set for Annie's party- but it was MY birthday after all so it was necessary for ME to drink out of MY special Birthday cup :-)!


Mandy said...

I am CRACKING up at the cup on the table. I DO love it!!! I am so glad you all had a happy birthday weekend!!

--Kelsey Bakalar-- said...

What a great weekend you guys had! You look gorgeous in your striped top, and the girls look darling. Sorry your card was late :(

Jaime said...

happy birthday!

Emily Kretz said...

Happy birthday to you both!

Kelli said...

So much fun!! Great pics, Ashley!