Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boots, Bier and Boos!

I haven't posted in a while and Bob (aka my dad) is making sure I know it. SO..I'm trying to make up for it tonight but posting a lot! 
The girls and I were so excited when the weather cooled enough for BOOTS! And really who wouldn't love boot weather when they look this stinkin' cute in them?

The Browns and the Kriegs made a pilgramge to explore Brett's roots....okay not really we just headed downtown for Tulsa's Oktoberfest! The kids got to ride some silly rides, eat corn dogs and do the chicken dance. The grownups got to ride silly silly rides, eat brauts and do the chicken dance...oh yeah and drink a bier :-0
The brave dad on the spinning ride
Brett, Em and the kids chicken dancing!

This year we are getting plenty of wear out of the girls' costumes- we kicked off the celebrations last week with a neighborhood costume parade, had a carnival at Brett's office on Wednesday, Annie had her school party on Thursday and we helped host a costume party at the Dunhams on Friday then we finally ended with a trick or treating adventure tonight! I'm EXHAUSTED and so are my sweet girls but we have had SO MUCH FUN!  I'd also like to add for sympathy votes that in between all the fun this week, Avery & I both had the "throw ups" and now my sweet little one is running a 101+ stuff.

Olivia the Pig, dressed in her costume for the 1st time and ready to go!
Jojo, Allie and Avery before the parade begins
Isley, Avery's from school, walking with Anna

Daddy and his kitty cat

My sweet girls, post parade


Anna and her effecient cupcake eating skillsAvery fishing for ducks & prizes!Anna on the catwalk- oops I mean cakewalk

School Party silly playtime with Eric

Cupcake eating- again
Dunham's Party

Ward & June Cleaver, Olivia the Pig and Edwin the (pink leopard) cat

The Dunhams (and Avery!)

The Browns came to the party as Seasonal and H1N1 shots- hilarious!

June receives her Seasonal Flu Shot

Amy Winehouse & June Cleaver, an unlikely pair....actually its just me and Jenny

Mimi, the witchy princess

Whit, me and Em

Avery- bobbing for apples, for the 1st time

Annie loving her bff

Trick or Treat
Avery & Annie with the scarecrow at Grandpa Krieg's home

Grandma Beck and the girls
The girls and Grandpa- Anna was not a happy camper, but that's just how it goes, right?
Trick or Treat time at the Kriegs! Maddy and Macie Drue came to join us!
The "babies" in the wagon and ready to roll

Headed to the door together with their tutus
The kids at the door, getting some SERIOUS candy

Anna couldn't wait to break into something....

The big kids were FAST...I think they figured out that the faster they are, the more candy they get!
Avery & her goodies


Leslie said...

SERIOUSLY the most creative costumes ever!! How much fun is that?!? And I love Olivia!! Thanks for posting some much needed pictures. I miss you girl!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying fall!! I bet it's gorgeous there!!