Monday, December 28, 2009

A WHITE Christmas!

Well things didn't go exactly according to plan this Christmas but it was a fabulous and memorable, not to mention WHITE Christmas none the less.  My brother was supposed to make it in Christmas Eve and his flight was cancelled but he was able to fly in about lunchtime Christmas day- and we had a fun filled couple of days :-)!

Making Reindeer Food on Christmas Eve morning

Anna discovers a new way to get more icing

 My sweet girls in their sweet Christmas jammies

 I cleaned out the toy box in preparation for the new toys arriving...the girls couldn't stay out of it!

Avery opens her present from Anna on Christmas Eve

 Anna tries to open her present from Avery

 A new Ballerina Barbie!

 Ahh...the theme of Christmas this year.  Anna eyeing whatever Avery has (and vice versa)

 Anna's baby on her new potty :-)

 Avery braves the snow to throw reindeer food

 Anna was NOT thrilled with the cold weather

 Avery was determined

 The snow just KEPT coming!

 Warm inside and making Santa's plate with dad

 GOOD (EARLY!) Christmas morning!

 Annie's haul

 Avery and mom look at the school playing stuff SANTA delivered

 And checking out her Barbie house

 Ahh..Bob, mom and I made a Christmas Eve morning run to Target and ended up wtih matching undies for jd and Brett.  We thought it was hilarious.....they didn't see the humor but they humored us anyway.

 Avery wants to dress up- all the time- and I do mean ALL the time.  My aunt sent a BOX of dress up clothes (dance costumes) a little over a year ago and Avery wears them more than she wears her own clothes so THANKS AUNT MILLIE!!!  She also loves to perform...she called JD up to sing with her but then sent him back to seat shortly after.

 Dad is called to the stage next but he wasn't given much time either.

 Dad and Avery ready to build a snow bunny


 I caught her eating snow SEVERAL times ;-)

 Anna wanted nothing to do with the snow but she wanted to be outside!

 The girls went sledding today in a pool boat- Avery LOVED it!!!!


Kelsey Bakalar said...

Looks like you guys had a great holiday! Love you guys!