Monday, September 17, 2007

In love with Fall

One of the things that Brett and I have been looking forward to about Tulsa is experiencing FOUR real seasons this year. So far we have not been disappointed. Fall has started and the weather has been fabulous. We have spent a lot of time doing things outside together and it has just been FUN. We took Avery to the zoo over the weekend- she was underwhemled by the animals but she loved the carousel and being outside and Brett & I sure had fun! I think I have hit my 2nd trimester nesting mode...yesterday I planted flowers, spray painted some outdoor furniture and pulled down some fall decor from the attic. It was another fabulous weekend! Here are some pics from our zoo adventure and of avery and "her scarecrows."


Kelli said...

What fun y'all are having!! We're loving the cooler weather, too. Avery looks adorable!