Monday, August 18, 2008

Growing up

Okay WELL before I can get to what I started yesterday I have VERY good news! BRETT PASSED HIS TEST! He took the Level III CFA test the first weekend of June and we just found out that HE PASSED! YEAH! I am SO proud of him for finding the time to study between a newborn and a new job and for just being so stinking SMART! YEAH! Okay, on to what I started to post yesterday...My girls are growing up faster than I can keep up! Anna has a new trick and I love it!! She can clap and is super cute...and she loves it! She is even starting to realize that when I say YEAH she should clap. I love this age, its one of my favorites (but then, aren't they all?!) Also, she loves the swing. I know most kids do- including the big sis- but its just fun to see Anna enjoying life's simple pleasures. Okay and speaking of simple pleasures, Avery loves to play with Maddox. They play so great together that its actually getting to the point where its easier when he's here because she has entertainment and they are fairly independent. Jenny, Maddox and Macie Drue came over for dinner one night last week when our husbands were busy at work and the kids had so much fun playing in the backyard! Then on Saturday Jenny had to take some pics for a wedding so Maddox came over to play. The kids both were SO good and we had SUCH a fun night! This weekend we also decided to buy Avery a bike. She looks SO big on it. She definitely doesn't get it yet, but we'll get there eventually!

Sticking her tongue out at the camera- just like her mom
YEAH! I can clap!Macie Drue, Maddox and Avery swingingThe big kids search for treasures in the sandbox Avery and Maddox ready for our walkStopping at the "zebo" to throw rocks into the pondMaking Chocolate Chip cookiesAnd licking the batter! Practicing on her new bike! We are frantically doing laundry and packing for our "relaxing getaway" to Texas. Ahh..what about traveling with 2 kids- alone- is relaxing? BUT we are looking forward to visiting friends and an escape from home for a little while :-)


Mandy said...

Dallas or BUST baby! We can't wait to see you and you will relax at my house!! I promise!!!!!

Leslie said...

Way to go Brett! That's such a relief for your family. Can't wait to see you and your girls this weekend. Should be fun.

Dunhams said...

Yay, Brett! Isn't it the best feeling to know that he's done studying...I hated that stupid CFA test so much!

Kelli said...

Way to go, Brett!! That's great news! Loved the pictures, Ashley. :)