Monday, July 27, 2009

Diva Girlz

Gage and Evelyn have been in T-town since Wednesday of last week while Dylan and Tiff had an anniversary escape. (I have been horrible about taking pics lately, although we have done so many fun things! I promised Avery and Evie a "big girl day" on Friday and I really didn't know what to do with them. We went to the mall for lunch and to play and while they played, I researched. I came across a place in the mid-town part of Tulsa called Diva Girlz and decided THAT was the way to was PERFECT. The girls had hair, makeup, nails done and then got to dress up and sing and play and the best part is, we were the ONLY ones there that day. It was great....I didn't have my camera so pics are courtesy of my phone....and they aren't great.

The girls: pre-beautification

Evie, stage 1- toes

Evie, stage 2- hairEvie- ready for her performanceAvery, stage 1- dress upAvery, stage 2- hairAvery, stage 2- makeup (translation: GLITTER)Avery ready to goPresenting- Avery and Evelyn