Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FIRST Day of Pre-K!

I gave myself a pep talk this morning.....Pre-K is still preschool. Just because it is AT the Elementary school and Avery will go EVERYDAY, it does not mean she has "started school." It is only 1/2 day. She is still only 4. She IS still my baby. Time really isn't moving at lightening speed... AND it worked- mostly. I shed no tears when I dropped her off today, which is mostly because for the first time ever- neither did she. She was excited and she sat right now and started playing with someone she DIDN'T know. I was a PROUD mama. As usual, I am over the top about all of it- Avery got to go to the mall and pick out a new outfit, pick the dinner menu tonight, go to McDonald's after school AND she got a new Barbie. What is wrong with me? I am really excited about this year and I truly believe it is going to be a great year for Avery. The teachers could not be any sweeter and based on friends' input- they will both be GREAT for Avery and her personality. Most of you know I have been completely stressing about whether or not to hold her back for kindergarten and I for some reason after today, I just feel good about our decision- she will do pre-K this year and that will be a perfect transition for her to kindergarten next year!

I really did try to get a picture with no thumbs in mouth AND No Buster but I was not successful!

Bye-Bye Sissy KissesBackpack on and ready to goStanding in front of the sign for Mrs. Snow's class!Avery and Scarlett getting their name tagsSitting down to play with Mrs. Hill and new friendsAllie & Avery at McDonald's after school


Emily Kretz said...

She is really just too cute! I'm proud of you, I am not sure I will as successful when that day comes for us, even though I taught pre-k and know how much harder that makes it for everyone!!

Dunhams said...

Wow what a big girl!! She looks adorable and so proud! Glad the day went well (for both of you)!

kinsey said...

she is so cute. what a fun day for all of yall :-)

email me if something happened to your access to my blog...i might have messed it up, but will add you again if it deleted you?!? don't know what i did ;-)

Michelle Hausz said...

I can't believe she already started! She looks adorable (as always) and I'm so proud of you too!

Kelli said...

Such a big girl!! And such an amazing mommy! Love to you both.